Having recently come off producing the Atlantic GOLFEXPO in Halifax this month, I’ve had many people ask what exactly we do at The Mesh Media Network. Though we offer many services, ranging from integrated marketing campaigns to sales coachin, one of our primary services includes securing and managing corporate sponsorship of events. This type of experiential marketing can be a powerful tool in engaging your clients and making a lasting impact of your brand.

Over the years, the landscape of sponsorship has changed, and if you don’t know how to sell it properly, you will be overlooked for your ask. And on the flip side, for businesses, it’s no longer about forking over money for their logo to appear at a certain sponsorship level. It’s about working together with the property you are sponsoring, who also targets the right demographic of your consumers, and then strategically engaging with the consumers to give them a memorable experience. This collaboration enhances your event, the brand and the consumer experience on all levels.

At the Atlantic GOLFEXPO, our team asked Steele Jaguar to come on as a sponsor of the event. Though not everyone will see the connection here, it was a prefect partnership. The psycho demographic of the people attending the golfexpo, is the same as what Steele Jaguars already attracts or is trying to reach. It’s a lifestyle, as many attendees of the golfexpo are adventurous, sporty, and appreciate the finer things in life. Steele Jaguar, immediately recognized the opportunity.

We had five bright and shiny Jaguars situated all over the showroom floor. Attendees could admire and envision themselves driving these vehicles, leaving an emotional impression with potential buyers. But the activation didn’t stop there. We then had a fleet of Jaguars transport our exhibitors, made up of golf course owners and GM’s, to our reception at the Halifax Distilling Co. This gave Jaguar an opportunity to have their target demographic truly experience the beauty and luxury of the vehicles. With bums in seats, we created a first-class experience that our exhibitors will not soon forget.

This type of engagement marketing allows a brand to create an emotional attachment to the product or service. It requires creative thinking to ensure that marketing objectives are met and unique experiences are produced. To sell the sponsorship, you must first do your homework on the brand you are approaching with a firm understanding of their goals. It’s imperative to present ‘what’s in it for them’ and how the sponsorship will benefit their brand. And then create something spectacular together.

If you’re a business owner or work for a company who is not utilizing this experiential marketing avenue, your brand is missing out on a valuable connection opportunity with your consumers. If done right, sponsorship will leave a lasting impression on existing and new potential consumers.

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Jody Euloth is the CEO of The Mesh Media Network and Founder of The Dynamic Soul of Selling. She helps entrepreneurs, business and sales professionals and creative visionaries get over their fear of selling so they can generate more revenue and make a bigger impact in business.

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