We connect people, brands, and communities through our strategic partnerships, educational programs and engagement opportunities.


Mesh Media Network is a media agency specializing in strategic partnerships, business development and client management. We are committed to delivering exceptional growth strategies for our client partners. Our mission is to make connections that build trust, inspire growth, solve problems and make lasting impact in the lives of our clients.

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‘The universe operates through dynamic exchange…giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe.’


Deepak Chopra

Growth Through Connection.

Through our partnerships, activations and engagement opportunities, Mesh Media Network provides strategic growth and development for brands and individuals. As revenue growth strategists, we manage business development outreach strategies for our clients by nurturing their prospects and client experiences on their behalf.

Education Through Experiences

We believe that learning is a lifelong quest and that staying curious is the key. We build and deliver educational opportunities and programs to support this growth. We value aligning with partners, across a variety of sectors, who inspire creativity, value education and demonstrate inclusivity.


We deliver exceptional partnerships that help build a brand’s value and credibility with new and existing audiences. By securing sponsorship for properties, athletes and talent, we connect like-minded brands who share values, to leverage each other for cross-promotional opportunities. These types of collaborations allow us to provide innovative solutions which deliver exceptional results inline with a brand’s marketing objectives.


Whether it’s through our signature programs or by supporting partners, our mission is to share knowledge, develop skills and inspire growth. We pull from our network of experts to deliver programs ranging from sales strategy, wealth building, mindfulness, career counseling, entrepreneurship and more. With the ability to customize programs to meet the needs of your team or organization, we encourage you to tap into our network for personal and professional development opportunities.