We connect communities, bridge cultures & inspire personal growth through our engagement events, educational programs and brand partnerships.

We are an educational and experiential marketing agency, committed to delivering exceptional personal and business growth strategies for our client partners. Inspired by the fundamentals of sport, our mission is to unite the world, transcend boundaries and connect humans through all the work that we do.

Our Insights & Network Events for You

‘The most we can hope for is to create the best possible conditions for success, then let go of the outcome.’


Phil Jackson

Growth Through Connection.

Mesh Media Network provides unique opportunities for brands and individuals to deeply connect with new and existing communities. We initiate connections through our engagement events and partnership programming. And by managing and executing our client partners’ business development strategies and brand activations.

Education Through Experiences

We believe that learning is a lifelong quest and that staying curious is the key. We build educational opportunities and programs to support this growth. We value aligning with partners who inspire creativity. It is ‘more than just an event’ and it is ‘deeper than just a partnership.’