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Do you have a fear of sales? Is your organization’s sponsorship sales approach outdated? Are you leaving tens of thousands of dollars of revenue on the table? Does the idea of asking for money make you feel ill inside? Are you great at what you do but the thought of selling your service, sponsorship, products or ideas stresses you out?

Jody Euloth is an award-winning sales professional with 15 years of experience closing and teaching sales for some of the world’s biggest brands and companies such as HSBC, Canon Corporation and Carnival Cruise Lines. She is a sales coach, sponsorship specialist, marketing activator and keynote speaker.

Get Noticed,
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As a sales coach, Jody combines her 15 years of corporate sales and marketing experience with her Bachelor of Education to deliver powerful sales and sponsorship programming. She works with Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals and Creative Visionaries to teach them how to authentically sell sponsorship, products and services by becoming a dynamic seller.

Her talent has sparked collaborations and business partnerships with organizations such as the University of Toronto, Atlantic Fashion Week, and with global brands such as NIKE, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Royal Bank of Canada and Bell Media. Leading a dynamic team, she works closely with many local, national and internationals brands on the sales and marketing strategy.

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