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Does the thought of selling make you feel ill? Are you exhausted from chasing lead after lead without generating revenue for your business? Do you wish that someone else would just do the selling for you?  If so, then this online group coaching program is for you. There’s a reason why companies in the US spend over $70 billion annually in sales training and coaching. The truth is that you can market your business all you want, but if you are not making transactions, you are not growing your business.

This program takes you into the world of sales and is designed for individuals and sales teams who are serious about improving sales efficiencies, acquiring essential sales systems and strategies, and gaining confidence in approach and sales conversations so they can ultimately make a bigger impact in their business.

If you are struggling with how to sell, dread asking for people for business, have never taken any formal sales training, then this group coaching program is for you. It’s time to get comfortable with the selling process.

Are you ready to Upgrade Your Sales?

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With This Program, You Will….

LEARN sales strategies and systems that are essential for efficiency and will streamline your effort and approach.
DISCOVER your power pitch and techniques to direct conversations and convert them into sales, generating more revenue for your business.
Learn how to leverage objections and gain confidence with your sales conversations to position yourself from a place of value.
OVERCOME the three most common fears of selling  enabling you to present your products, service and ideas from a positive and strategic place.  
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What you can expect…

‘Upgrade Your Sales 1.0’ is an intensive sales training and coaching program. It provides an intimate learning environment with customized coaching to your needs and to your industry. Here’s what you can expect…

  • Weekly, private online group coaching sessions that you can attend from anywhere you are, instructed by Jody and guest instructors. Each session offers 60 minutes of sales education, coaching and the opportunity to mesh minds with other group members.
  • Two 30 minute 1:1 customized strategy session specific to your challenges and to your industry.
  • Comprehensive program worksheets and resources that you can refer to on an ongoing basis into the future.
  • Private facebook group for accountability and networking.
  • Regular emails with sales insights and strategies to keep you in a motivated mindset.
  • Increased clarity on sales strategies that will give you the systems and confidence to close more business and make a bigger impact.

If you are ready to own your sales results, overcome your fear and accelerate your growth, then this program is designed for you.

You will not find formal sales coaching of this value for this price, anywhere. If you’re serious, let’s get started.

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**By clicking on this you are not committing to the program, simply engaging to learn more.
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